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The sample pieces in this page are not all from commissions, the actual commssion pieces » 【Commissions|委託繪】

[A] Watercolor-Like

"Deep, Deep, Sweet Despair"「深沉而甜美的絕望」"Once Upon a Time"「很久很久以前」

Resident Evil 8 Village - Alcina Dimitrescu x Ethan Winters[惡靈古堡8:村莊|阿契娜‧蒂米特雷斯庫 x 伊森‧溫特斯]

I call it GBF style privately, because it’s base on Granblue fantasy’s coloring style, it suits GBF characters very well (of course) and it also fits any genre’s characters. It’s the one of my favorite coloring style.
BTW I’m not really a fan of GBF. I learn this style just because it’s one of the mainstream styles, and I need a job. (but I haven’t got it yet.)

[B] Comic Shading

It’s my most familiar coloring style, base on Fumi Ishikawa’s art style, because I was very fancy of her Castlevania arts. (although there are only two of it.) It’s a very cool and sharp style so it’s kinda hard to use in erotic art, not like GBF style, GBF style can be very soft and warm, suits erotic very well. But if you enjoy to see shounen manga style but in erotic, I will recommend this style.

As its name, it suits any comic character, also suits traditional Japanese characters very well, because it’s almost flat color, kinda like Ukiyo-e.

[C] Semi-Realistic

"For a Year and a Day"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency - Joseph Joestar (pin-up parody)[JOJO的奇妙冒險:戰鬥潮流|喬瑟夫‧喬斯達(海報女郎仿繪)]

Commission for Second Account

I always fancy of Ayami Kojima’s art in Castlevania series, I tried to copy it but even now I still can’t reach my goal. I basically just give up.
But people do like this kind of coloring style, even I didn’t satisfied of my most of semi-realistic works. So I put this option here, for you weirdos.

The feature of this coloring style is heavy color and realistic, almost like oil painting, it’s hard for me to use it, because if I draw an anime bishojo in semi-realistic, it will make her older, or even can’t recognize her. For my skill I can only use this style to draw characters who are originally in semi-realistic style. But using other styles to draw this kind of character is more interesting.

Although I’m not really recommend of it, but if you want to see your character in semi-realistic, or just sick of anime style, welcome to choose this style.

[D] 90s Anime

It’s my favorite style recently, base on comic shading Style, but more retro, if you do love old animes, I’m very recommend it.
BTW I can’t copy specific anime style, like Sailor Moon or Trigun etc. If you want a printer, don’t ask me.

I also have a modern anime style idea, if you are interested, welcome to ask me.

Up To The Artist

"See? I told you Yu."

If you have no idea how to choose a coloring style, you can just leave it to me. Basically I’ll use a canon-like coloring style, or mix few styles together. I highly recommend it because I usually draws better in this option.


Many people asked me about Mpreg Maid Cafe belongs which style, it’s actually a learning stage of GBF style, so I didn’t include it in the style options, because it was a failed version of [A] Watercolor-Like Style.

I think mpreg fans have interested of it just because of the composition, there’s nothing about the coloring style, for example, if it was like:

No hands rubbing, no clue of what he is looking at, it’s just boring, right?

And this:

Commission for VGBNEM

This coloring style belongs [C] Semi-Realistic. In this piece you can imagine a human farm on an alien planet. Maybe it was impressed you. But it also because of the composition, nothing about the coloring style, if it was like:

Now you can’t see the human farm, it just a group of tentacles playing fun with a dude.

So I don’t recommend anyone state in a specific past artwork and ask me to draw the same style, even I remember how to draw it, the composition will not be the same. Especially if you ask a single character commission, but you state in a ship art, I can tell you it’s impossible to reappear the same vibe.

I recommend you just leave it to me, let me do my job, because I can draw better now. Ask me to go back to a past stage is not a wise decision. I don’t like to hear it either, it sounds like “I don’t like you now, you used to be better." it makes me heart broken, and brings me pressure, so don’t do that.

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