SFW Avatar/Half Body/Full Body Commissions⭐

2021 年 12 月 12 日


A. Water Color Style:

Art Trade for yutoyawa

B. Black Shadow:

TenjouHime (Sky Princess) - Tsubaki[天上姬|椿]

C. Semi-Realistic Painting Style:

"For a Year and a Day"

🌟 Other Samples|  


  • Single Character Avatar + Simple/No Background|35 USD +1 Character +25 USD
  • Single Character Half Body + Simple/No Background|50 USD +1 Character +35 USD
  • Single Character Full Body + Simple/No Background|70 USD +1 Character +50 USD
  • Will be post on my website/DeviantArt/Twitter etc.
  • Additional fee for complex outfit/armor/tattoo/pet animal/armed character.


  • PayPal only
  • Full color 350dpi A4+/Full-res PNG + layered file
  • Accept original character, fan character, self OC, genderbend, gijinka.
  • Choose your preferred color style (A/B/C), if you have no idea, you can leave it to me.
  • Accept character design if your character has no any images. You can describe and give me some simillar character, hair style refrence images, or dress up games. If you use games to create your OC, please let me know. So I can re-disign it or credit the game. (If your OC is from FF14 or SIMs and you don’t want to change any design.)

If you are my Patreon supporter, show me your Patreon ID/name can get the discount of commissions:

  • Tier#3 patron: -10 USD
  • Tier#2 patron: -5 USD
  • Tier#1 patron: No commission discount.

※Only current patrons can get the discount.

  • I will start drawing after you paid.
  • Sketch can edit once. The finished work is not allowed to edit, unless I draw something wrong.
  • Three commissons at a time. Basically I can draw 2~3 commissions per month.

⚠This commission item is for SFW only. Hetero/Yaoi/Yuri is okay. No erotic.

🚫Not accept RPS, works from CCP China, works which is not allowed NSFW fan arts or commissions, very robotic, armored characters.

⚠If the work originally was not from a CCP company but acquired by a CCP company, I might accept. Like “Don’t Starve".

Uncomfort zone: female characters, sweet, fluffy couples. I’m not good at drawing it.


  • This commission subject is for general, so NO MPREG. if you want to ask a SFW/NSFW mpreg commission, HERE IS FOR MPREG COMMISSIONS.
  • Shota/loli is okay. But do not ask for a couple/ship situation.
  • Kemono/furry is okay, but I have to say I may not good at drawing it.
  • This is for personal use onlyNo commercial use. Print it as a gift (less than 20), use in doujinshi (less than 100), free indie games is allowed. But if you want to use in your channel, videos or commercial games etc, just ask me for a commercial commission.