2022 年 1 月 7 日


For personal use only, please read the rules before you ask a commission.



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Don’t send it if you don’t have something important to tell. Unless you want to ask a commission or any business invite.



I hate SNS so I use it as a murmuring microblog. Sometimes I’ll be very bitchy, so don’t be serious with any lines I wrote. I can only read Madarin, English and a little bit Japanese, if you leave comments in other languages, I might thought you’re a spam. Feel free to join or open discuss threads here. But still it’s a kinda personal place so don’t act it as your own playground, don’t spam, thank you.


Old comments will be auto removed, don’t post any important record in the guestbook, don’t leave your personal information or use the same password of your important accounts. Although there’s a private message option, it’s not really private, because I use Mkakikomitai.CGI, it’s a very old program. I can not promise if it’s safe enough at the present day.


I use free hosting ( to set this guestbook. Because I don’t know how to run it in Hostinger. (I rent Hostinger’s hosting to set my main site) If anyone can tell me how to combine WordPress and CGI guestbook in one hosting. I will be very grateful.