Commissions Open (long term)|委託繪開放中(長期)

2023 年 3 月 18 日

Commission Form (EN) 填寫委託單 (中文)


Commission for 5ACommission for 5ACommission for Alysa (Mock Moon)Art Trade for 馡薇Plurk Coin Trade for AmberPlurk coin trade for Lyme

MPREG COMMISSIONS|男孕委託成品(2021-Present)

Commission for Missmichy0627Commission for SonpiCommission for sensualrealm8111Commission for SonpiCommission for ISH29Commission for WatolfCommission for ViCommission for RonCommission for SonpiCommission for 茉芙莉莉Commission for HiraCommission for SonpiCommission for SonpiCommission for M.HCommission for RonCommission for 5ACommission for nmh120_g


TENTACLE MPREG YCH|觸手男孕模板委託繪(2021)※CLOSED|已截止

YCH for Amy RYCH for RonYCH for TyPYCH for RyouSanoYCH for Squeek

PAST COMMISSIONS|舊委託繪(2012-2017)

Commission for VGBNEMCommission for VGBNEMCommission for KnightDrasticCommission for ClockworkWXVIICommission for VGBNEMCommission for VGBNEMCommission for KasukanaCommission for Isaac PengCommission for Isaac PengCommission for Second AccountCommission for Second AccountCommission for ZanaZiraCommission for ZanaZiraChibi Commission for KrayneSketch Commission for shinigami532

TRADES & REQUESTS|有償繪&點圖(2011-2012)※CLOSED|已截止

Art Trade for jello13Request for YunickaArt Trade for PolygonteamRequest for Roud24Request for Roud24 (WIP)Art Trade for sakuranyu665Art Trade for sakuranyu665 (WIP)Art Trade for sakuranyu665 (WIP)Request for Spooky-PooRequest for Spooky-Poo (WIP)Request for albionichigoRequest for albionichigo (WIP)Art Trade for sakuranyu665Art Trade for sakuranyu665 (WIP)



  • Single Character|$150 (Detailed Background)
  • Single Character Front Design|$180 (Full Body+Simple Background)


  • +$5◈Each Floating Hand or Dick (Max 6, describe how many.)
  • +$8◈Womb Tattoo or Different Facial Version (describe how many.)
  • +$10◈Character Has Big Wings/More Than One Tail
  • +$15◈Tentacles/Slimes
  • +$20◈Bandage/BDSM
  • +$25◈Male Futarari with Visible Vagina and Penis
  • +$30◈Penis Birth
  • +$35◈Lots of Tattoos/Scale Skin/Body Painting
  • +$40◈Each Weapon/Magical Object/Little Pet or Fantasy Creature (HD image reference is required!)
  • +$45◈Different Body Version like Cross-Section View or Full Oufit/Nudity etc. (describe how many.)
  • +$50◈Each Off-Screen Character/Enemy/Goblin etc
  • +$60◈Major Character/Big Animal or Fantasy Ceature
  • +$90◈Single Character Back Design
  • +$180◈Private Commission/Use in Video/Commercial Use


  • 【A】Light Line+Watercolor-Like
  • 【B】Dark Line+Deep Shadow+Comic/Toon-Like
  • 【C】Invisible Line+Semi-Realistic+Oil Painting-Like
  • 【D】90s Anime-Like

※All Styles Samples


  • 🚫Genre belongs to a strict copyright owner who doesn’t allow any fanarts/nsfw/commissions.
  • 🚫Parent company from CCP China.
  • 🚫Child Porn
  • 🚫RPS
  • 🚫Vtuber Fan Art (unless you are the vtuber himself/herself/themselves.)
  • 🚫Single Female Character Porn (including male to female genderbender, female futanari.)
  • 🚫Yuri, GL, Female✕Female (including female futa ✕ female futa.)
  • 🚫Male character has a vagina but doesn’t have a penis.
  • 🚫Complex Metal or Cyborg Prosthetics/Heavy Armor
  • 🚫Complex Robot or Robotic character like Gundam/Tranformers etc.
  • 🚫Pregnant or Erotic Thame with: Sonic/Pokémon/SpongeBob/Most of Children TV Shows with Non-Human Protagonist. (except human characters in Pokémon series, some characters in Courage the Cowardly Dog. Gijinka.)
  • 🚫Hyper with Super Muscular, Inflation, Breast, Balls and Penis/Oversize Weightgain/Balloon. (I can accept bigger than head but just don’t oversize than full body.)
  • 🚫Hardcore R-18G/Guro/Necrophilia (blood a little bit and minor injury are fine.)
  • 🚫Coprophilia


  • ❤️Persona 4 (Main ship: ShuAda, DoAda. Side ship: ShuHana, Yu/The Gas Station Attendant, The Gas Station Attendant/Adachi)❌I don’t draw Adachi/OC, Top!Adachi, Bottom!Yu.
  • ❤️Spirit Hunter: Death Mark (YashiTa) ❌I don’t draw Mashita/OC, Top!Mashita.
  • ❤️Rumiko Takahashi Genre (Inuyasha/Miroku, Bankotsu/Jakotsu, Sesshomaru/Byakuya, Ranma/Ryoga, Rinne/Masato)
  • ❤️Thunderbelt Fantasy (殤凜, 殤浪, 殤萬, 殺凜殺, 嘯凜嘯) ❌I don’t draw Bottom!Sho, Rin/OC.
  • ❤️Hades (ZagThan, ZagHyp) ❌I don’t draw Bottom!Zag
  • ❤️Ben 10 (BRooken, Reiny/Ben) ❌I don’t draw Ben/Gwen ship art, Top!Ben.

※Other genre/ships: Fandom Works


⭕ My Clients Can:

  • 🆗At the draft stage, you can have maximum 2 changes, Not able to have any changes in the completed piece.
  • 🆗Use in avatar/Add too personal site, blog, Toyhouse or social media.
  • 🆗Print it as a gift to your friend. (Over 20 prints is not allowed.)
  • 🆗Use it as your self-insert character.
  • 🆗Ask other artists to draw the same character design. (if it was design by me.)

❌ Not Allowed:

  • 🆖Public the non-watermark version and didn’t credit me.
  • 🆖Change the design/Add your sign on the non-watermark version and distribute it.
  • 🆖Use in videos/Make merches/Trades/NFT/Digital selling (If you ask a commercial commission, you can do all of these things incept digital selling and NFT.)
  • 🆖Use it as a YCH/Template.


  • If I can draw your commission, I will contact you/send you the invoise in 3 days, if I can’t accept it, I won’t reply you.
  • I will start drawing after you paid. Invoices must be paid in 24 hours, if the invoice didn’t paid over the date, I will cancel your order.
  • I will spend 1-2 months to draw your commission, if I can’t finish it at the estimated date, I will leave a note in waiting list page.
  • I have the right to sell my artworks to anyone, including the commission pieces.
  • Basically I won’t distribute the raw file of your commission piece on Patreon and Gumroad etc, but if I have an art book someday, I might include them, if you worry about it, please ask a private commission.
  • ⚠Private Commission/Commercial Commission ≠ Royalty-Free. If you use in digital selling, you can’t ask for private it, and I also have rights to distribute it on Patreon or Gumroad. NFT IS NOT ALLOWED even if you ask me a commercial commission.

Commission Form (EN)

If there’s any issue for sending the form, please contact me through:



[A] Watercolor-Like

Resident Evil 8 Village - Alcina Dimitrescu x Ethan Winters[惡靈古堡8:村莊|阿契娜‧蒂米特雷斯庫 x 伊森‧溫特斯]

I call it GBF style privately, because it’s base on Granblue fantasy’s coloring style, it suits GBF characters very well (of course) and it also fits any genre’s characters. The feature of this style is the light color line and colored with brushstrokes. It’s the one of my favorite coloring style.

[B] Comic Shading

It’s my most familiar coloring style, base on Fumi Ishikawa’s art style, because I was very fancy of her Castlevania arts. (although she only dawn two pieces of Castlevania.) The feature of this style is dark line ane deep shadow. It’s a very cool and sharp style so it’s kinda hard to use in erotic arts, not like watercolor style, watercolor style can be very soft and warm, suits erotic very well. So when I use this style to draw erotic, I usually add more gradation and less dark shadow.

As its name, it suits any comic character, also suits traditional Japanese characters very well, because it’s almost flat color, kinda like Ukiyo-e.

[C] Semi-Realistic

"For a Year and a Day"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency - Joseph Joestar (pin-up parody)[JOJO的奇妙冒險:戰鬥潮流|喬瑟夫‧喬斯達(海報女郎仿繪)]Commission for Second Account

I always fancy of Ayami Kojima’s art in Castlevania series, I tried to copy it but even now I still can’t reach my goal. I basically just give up.
But people do like this kind of coloring style, even I didn’t satisfied of my most of semi-realistic works. So I put this option here, for you weirdos.

The feature of this coloring style is heavy color and realistic, almost like oil painting, it’s hard for me to use it, because if I draw an anime bishojo in semi-realistic, it will make her older, or even can’t recognize her. For my skill I can only use this style to draw characters who are originally in semi-realistic style. But using other styles to draw this kind of character is more interesting.

Although I’m not really recommend of it, but if you want to see your character in semi-realistic, or just sick of anime style, welcome to choose this style.

[D] 90s Anime

It’s my favorite style recently, base on comic shading Style, but more retro, if you do love old animes, I’m very recommend it.
BTW I can’t copy specific anime style, like Sailor Moon or Trigun etc. If you want a printer, don’t ask me.

I also have a modern anime style idea, if you are interested, welcome to ask me.

Up To The Artist

"See? I told you Yu."

If you have no idea how to choose a coloring style, you can just leave it to me. Basically I’ll use a canon-like coloring style, or mix few styles together. I highly recommend it because I usually draws better in this option.


Many people asked me about Mpreg Maid Cafe belongs which style, it’s actually a learning stage of GBF style, so I didn’t include it in the style options, because it was a failed version of [A] Watercolor-Like Style.

I think mpreg fans have interested of it just because of the composition, there’s nothing about the coloring style, for example, if it was like:

No hands rubbing, no clue of what he is looking at, it’s just boring, right?

And this:

Commission for VGBNEM

This coloring style belongs [C] Semi-Realistic. In this piece you can imagine a human farm on an alien planet. Maybe it was impressed you. But it also because of the composition, nothing about the coloring style, if it was like:

Now you can’t see the human farm, it just boring.

So I don’t recommend anyone state in a specific past artwork and ask me to draw the same style, even I remember how to draw it, the composition will not be the same. Especially if you ask a single character commission, but you state in a vibe of a ship art, I can tell you it’s impossible to reappear the same vibe.

I recommend you just leave it to me, let me do my job, because I can draw better now. Ask me to go back to a past stage is not a wise decision. I don’t like to hear it either, it sounds like “I don’t like you now, you used to be better." So don’t do that.



  • 既有角色|NT$3300(全彩人物+背景)
  • 角色設計|NT$5000(立繪+純色背景


  • +NT$100◈增加一隻漂浮的手或屌(最多6隻,於敘述欄註明想要的數量)
  • +NT$200◈增加一個淫紋或臉部差分(於敘述欄註明想要的差分表情跟數量)
  • +NT$300◈有大型羽翼/惡魔翅膀/機械翅膀/超過一條尾巴的角色
  • +NT$400◈觸手/史萊姆竿役
  • +NT$500◈繩縛/BDSM
  • +NT$600◈完整露出兩套性器官的男扶他(若只是設定有雙性/扶他要素但畫面上不會露出下體則不需要加價)
  • +NT$700◈陰莖生產
  • +NT$800◈有大範圍刺青/鱗片/身體彩繪的角色
  • +NT$900◈增加一樣槍械/刀劍/杖/魔法道具/小隻吉祥物/中小型寵物或奇幻生物(武器類須附上各角度的清晰參考圖)
  • +NT$1000◈增加一個斷面秀或服裝/裸露程度的差分(於敘述欄註明想要的差分跟數量)
  • +NT$1200◈增加一個無臉竿役/敵人/哥布林etc
  • +NT$1600◈增加一個有臉角色/大隻吉祥物/大型動物或奇幻生物/坐騎
  • +NT$2500◈角色背面設計
  • +NT$5000◈不公開委託成品/使用在營利影片中/商業使用


  • 【A】較淺的線條+水彩風上色
  • 【B】較深的線條+黑色陰影較多+類美漫風的上色
  • 【C】無線繪+半寫實風的五官+厚塗上色
  • 【D】90年代動畫風上色



  • 🚫官方明令禁止二創/色情創作/有償交易的作品
  • 🚫母公司為中資的作品
  • 🚫兒童色圖
  • 🚫RPS/真人CP
  • 🚫既有的Vtuber二創(Vtuber本人提出的商業委託可例外)
  • 🚫畫面中只有女角沒有男角的色圖(包括男角性轉成女角、女扶他)
  • 🚫百合/GL/女女(包括女扶他✕女扶他)
  • 🚫僅有女性性器官的男角
  • 🚫有機械鎧/全身鎧甲/重武裝的角色
  • 🚫非類人外型的機器人如鋼彈/變形金剛等
  • 🚫這些作品的孕圖或色圖:音速小子/寶可夢/海綿寶寶/大多數主角不是人類的美式兒童卡通(寶可夢的人類角色、膽小狗英雄的部份角色可例外,擬人化版本也可例外)
  • 🚫超出常人比例的肌肉膨脹/肥滿化/氣球化/整個人變成一顆球/超出當事人體型的巨乳/巨大陰囊/巨根(該角色是巨人體型的話則沒關係,總之就是局部部位不要比整個人還大,像胸部比頭大這種是OK的)
  • 🚫R-18G/獵奇/角色死亡(輕微見血或黑色幽默/可愛向的獵奇可例外,殘疾設定的角色也可例外)
  • 🚫排泄物梗


  • ❤️女神異聞錄4(主食:主足、堂足;副推:加油站小哥✕足、皆足、主花、主✕加油站小哥)❌不畫足夢、足攻、主受
  • ❤️死印(八真)❌不畫真夢、真攻
  • ❤️高橋留美子的所有作品(犬彌、蠻蛇、殺夜、亂良亂、輪魔)
  • ❤️東離劍遊紀(殤凜、殤浪、殤萬、殺凜殺、嘯凜嘯)❌不畫凜夢、殤受
  • ❤️黑帝斯(扎桑、扎修)❌不畫扎受
  • ❤️BEN10(戮班、萊班)❌不畫玟班玟CP向、班攻




  • 🆗在線稿階段要求修改,最多兩次,完稿則不得修改
  • 🆗將成品使用在個人頭像/版頭橫幅
  • 🆗將水印版公開在個人網站/SNS
  • 🆗印成實體作為個人紀念或贈送親友(不得量產超過20個)
  • 🆗委託其他繪師畫相同的設計
  • 🆗將委託我繪製的繪型或OC轉為夢角使用


  • 🆖公開無水印版且未標註繪者/自作發言/上傳到Pixiv、DeviantArt這類作品集性質的網站
  • 🆖擅自塗改原圖/更動設計/在無水印版加上自己的簽名並散布
  • 🆖使用在營利影片、商品化或作為有償交易/NFT等(商委則除了數位販售外皆可)
  • 🆖將成品作為模版委託其他繪師畫相同的姿勢構圖


  • 若確定可以接您的委託,會在三天內回覆/寄送請款單,超出能力範圍無法接下的委託將不會回覆,這點請注意。
  • 委託皆為先付全額再行繪製,請於24小時內付款,如逾期未付則視為放棄委託,不會列入排單表內。
  • 繪製時間大約為1-2個月,若同時收超過四張複雜構圖可能會再往後推遲一個月,如有事延宕會公布在排單表頁
  • 我有權將非商委的成品放在自己的實體作品集中展示或出售(基本上我不太會這麼做,但還是註明一下)。
  • 原則上我不會將委託圖的原寸檔或圖層檔放在Patreon或Gumroad之類的平台供人下載,但如果有一天我出實體畫集的話有可能會收錄這些非商委圖,如有顧慮請考慮走商委。(基本上應該沒機會出所以不用太擔心)
  • ⚠不公開委託/商業委託≠買斷,若商委用途會使用在數位販售,則不可禁止我公開成品/將作品放在Patreon或Gumroad,無論商委/非商委皆禁止一切NFT使用。

填寫委託單 (中文)





Resident Evil 8 Village - Alcina Dimitrescu x Ethan Winters[惡靈古堡8:村莊|阿契娜‧蒂米特雷斯庫 x 伊森‧溫特斯]






"For a Year and a Day"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency - Joseph Joestar (pin-up parody)[JOJO的奇妙冒險:戰鬥潮流|喬瑟夫‧喬斯達(海報女郎仿繪)]Commission for Second Account










"See? I told you Yu."







Commission for VGBNEM






Client|委託人 Item|項目 ETD|預計完成日 Delivery Date|實際交件日
February 2023|二○二三年二月
5A Mpreg Commission 2023/4/20
Missmichy0627 Mpreg Commission 2023/3/31 2023/3/17
December 2022|二○二三年十二月
Sonpi Mpreg Commission 2023/1/20 2023/1/22
July 2022|二○二二年七月
5A SFW Commission 2022/8/31 2022/8/18
June 2022|二○二二年六月
Sonpi NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/7/31 2022/7/15
May 2022|二○二二年五月
ISH29 SFW Mpreg Commission 2022/6/30 2022/7/9
Watolf NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/6/30 2022/7/6
sensualrealm8111 NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/6/30 2022/7/22
April 2022|二○二二年四月
Vi NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/5/31 2022/5/30
Ronald NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/5/31 2022/5/28
February 2022|二○二二年二月
Sonpi NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/3/31 2022/3/27
January 2022|二○二二年一月
茉芙莉 NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/2/28 2022/2/20
December 2021|二○二一年十二月
Hira NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/1/31 2022/2/2
Sonpi NSFW Mpreg Commission 2022/1/31 2022/2/1
November 2021|二○二一年十一月
Sonpi NSFW Mpreg Commission 2021/12/28 2021/12/29
Chantibent NSFW Mpreg Commission 2021/12/26 2021/12/26
Ronald McDonald NSFW Mpreg Commission 2021/12/22 2021/12/18