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👉 中文版

※I am not a professional translator so the grammar may be weird.
If anyone want to translate by him/herself I would be very grateful.
You can send the translated script (save it as .txt or submit to Google Docs) to me.
I will embed into the comic and credit you.


Monster Priest - Page.1Monster Priest - Page.2Monster Priest - Page.3Monster Priest - Page.4Monster Priest - Page.5Monster Priest - Page.6Monster Priest - Page.7Monster Priest - Page.8Monster Priest - Page.9Monster Priest - Page.10Monster Priest - Page.11Monster Priest - Page.12Monster Priest - Page.13Monster Priest - Page.14Monster Priest - Page.15Monster Priest - Page.16Monster Priest - Page.17Monster Priest - Page.18Monster Priest - Page.19Monster Priest - Page.20

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